Comic Book Cover


It's an exciting time! Now that I FIIINALLY finished all 32 of my comic book pages I've moved on to the front cover. The title of the comic will be revealed after I finish the front, back and insides of the cover. After that, I'll post a page at a time on some of my social networks.  At the same time I will be printing about 20-30 copies that will go in the comic sleeves+boards that I ordered recently. I can't wait 'til it's all over! Prime example of long hard work paying off. I hope everyone enjoys!

Battle Beer Redux

Baroque_GalsI am giving myself a head-start in my upcoming Professional Portfolio class and went back to one of my more likable (to me) pieces and decided to revamp and improve it. I completely recolored the "Gals" in a Baroque-ish palette and redesigned the Battle Beer emblem to be more contemporary than I had it. I'm pretty happy with the result, especially since I haven't tried this look before. Gal-bottlesGal-logos

Comic Book Template

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 12.44.34 AM Here's the template for the comic I'm going to be working on for the next few weeks. I wrote and sketched all of the panels about three months ago and was finally able to start planning the layout. It's 161 panels spread out on exactly 32 pages (16 front & back) which is great because, coincidentally, that's the average amount of pages for a typical comic! Not only that, all printed publications require that the amount of pages is divisible by four, so I nailed it! :) Next, I'll start penciling in the art. After that, I'm going to ink it and scan. Hopefully, those will be the most time consuming parts of the whole project. I've given myself a good head-start on time since it won't be due for another 10-12 weeks. By then, I'm sure I will have been done including final tweaks. Can't wait to see the final product!

Zombie Shrug (Throwback)

WhatZombie-001 Here's an older digital drawing from a few years ago. I usually do these with the same methods. I start off with a light sketch in pencil and outline it with micron pens (or prismacolor.) Then I scan them and digitally paint the in Photoshop. After I'm done coloring and adding shade and highlights, I sometimes slap a texture on top when it's appropriate. This particular drawing was done for pure fun. I was thinking about the coloring process while sketching which influenced how the shapes came out. I reposted it because the only other place it can be seen is on my old blogspot blog. If you want to see more throwback art from me, just check out!

Comic me!

Comic_Me_Symbol Hiyaaa! This illustration was done with my upcoming comic book in mind. I did a few rough sketches on how the outlines, style and colors of the comic will be. I had a few failed attempts at how I wanted the character to look, which I believe was my brain's way of just getting the garbage out of my system. Finally, this came out and it was exactly what I needed: it's simple, easy to draw, yet stylish. I first used this look on my website  and can't wait to finish the comic and update my portfolio & resume to match everything!

"1 in 4" Revisited

1 in 4  

This is one of my favorite pieces I've ever done! It was the final for my "Analysis of Form" class a few years ago. Unlike a few of my other pieces, I brainstormed a good deal for this. It contains a number of little hidden easter eggs. I get a kick when I show this to friends and they notice them on their own. It's even more fun when they explain what they get from this piece and are usually right! This piece means a lot to me and is dedicated to veterans that are struggling financially around the country.

Media Tech Final

For this "Media Techniques" project I used Lazertran to place the "Core" logo I created onto the crash, snare and base of a drum kit ( I had to remove the original graphic ) as well as a pair of drum sticks. The T-shirt was created with silk screen. The poster was created with InDesign. The business cards were created on InDesign and then mocked up in Photoshop. Special thanks to Jessica Williams ( for modeling for the photo. Canon Rebel XTi)

Custom Eagle Globe and Anchor

ImageContemporary Marine Corps emblem (Eagle Globe and Anchor.) The Marines are considered "amphibious." Each element of the EGA represents a different type of terrain: Land (globe), Air (eagle), and sea (anchor.) What a few people don't know is that the Marine Corps, although a military branch of it's own, is also a department of the Navy. To get this look, I stuck to simple, geometric shapes. It allowed me to transform a classic symbol into a more modernized version that will be well suited for the current age in human history. I liked it so much, in fact, that I got it tattooed on my right shoulder; the first tattoo I ever allowed on that arm. My left arm was going to be the only place on my body with tattoos until now.  

Information Design

ImageImageImageThis was one of the funnest projects I've done in college. It started off with icons for the mid-term and evolved into a novel app/game for mobile and pad/tablet devices. For a better look into the process, check out a more extended version of this project which includes sketches, steps taken, and closer looks at each individual bunny death! You can find those in the portfolio section of my website!  

20 Ways to Die

ImageThere you have it! Twenty effective ways to kill bunnies. My top 5 personal favorites are: disemboweled, poisoned, meteor, space & of course, Chuck Norris. From beginning to end, this was an extremely enjoyable project. Originally I was going to make a different cuddly animal for each death, but that would have not been as effective. A comment I hear often about these is that people love the fact that the bunnies look ecstatic while meeting their demise! My professor personally told me that these would make a great novelty app and that if I never take these anywhere, it would be a shame.

Your Team!

I love explaining how this came to be. I was walking with my fiancé and this man was walking towards us while i was distracted on my phone (Yes, he really exists.) Before I continue, I should explain a game we play amongst ourselves and friends called "Your Team." Basically, when you see a person in public that's bizarre, eccentric or even irregular, you point them out secretly to your friend and say "Your team." It's a bit cruel to be honest, but the stranger never knows they were a part of it. Back to the story; So I'm on my iPhone when Jess elbows my shoulder and says "Hey,... your team." I look up and there he was. Without any kind of exaggeration, My eyes blew wide open and my jaw dropped on the floor. I was so unprepared for it that I had to take a few steps back to recover from what might have been the best "Your team" in history. It inspired me to illustrate this guy I saw once in the street and would probably never see again.