Suite-ness Font

New font I made on for Typography 3 class. No lowercase letters.

This is part of the final for "Typography 3" class. I could honestly say that it's one of the things I've worked the hardest on. To fully appreciate what I'm talking about, check out the full typography book on my website. After I created the entire font, I cut every letter of the alphabet exact. I also photographed each card with some poker chips, cards and dice in different positions and edited them in Photoshop. That means I had to set each card up and make the surrounding props unique to the card, then take a few pics of it after soem adjustments, then take it down and move on to the next one.Next, I illustrated something for each page according to what the content was. Finally, I did the layout for the book. If you notice, the pages alternate color (blue/red.) This means that when I was cutting out the cards, I had to use two decks and keep track of the alternating colors as well. I think all of the hard work paid off in the end. It even earned me a "Best of Quarter" award for the class! Again, I encourage you to check out the book in it's entirety on my website!