Your Team!

I love explaining how this came to be. I was walking with my fiancé and this man was walking towards us while i was distracted on my phone (Yes, he really exists.) Before I continue, I should explain a game we play amongst ourselves and friends called "Your Team." Basically, when you see a person in public that's bizarre, eccentric or even irregular, you point them out secretly to your friend and say "Your team." It's a bit cruel to be honest, but the stranger never knows they were a part of it. Back to the story; So I'm on my iPhone when Jess elbows my shoulder and says "Hey,... your team." I look up and there he was. Without any kind of exaggeration, My eyes blew wide open and my jaw dropped on the floor. I was so unprepared for it that I had to take a few steps back to recover from what might have been the best "Your team" in history. It inspired me to illustrate this guy I saw once in the street and would probably never see again.