I am extremely confident in my skills and very passionate about what I do. As far as work ethic goes, I developed a high standard for punctuality, professionalism, initiative and I’ve always been a believer in having great relationships with my coworkers and seniors.

As for myself: I’m very outgoing, extroverted, social and have a great sense of humor!
But none of that compares to the amount of drive that I have. I joined the Marines in 2001 just so that I could make my own way through college. While a student, I excelled and graduated with honors as well as win “Best Portfolio” for my major in my graduating class. I received the highest review score at the Art Director’s Club of Philadelphia event, “Exposed” in 2013. (Score: 4.75/5.)

My main goal is to work somewhere that would transform me into a professional so that I may be the best creative I can be for you!

P.s. I am a Marine Corps veteran & am also bilingual!